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Although, my con list looks longer than the pros, the cons are made up mostly of things that you can get used to after a use or two.We have been using Swiffer Wet Jet Spray Mop for almost three weeks and batteries are still going based on 20 min usage.

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I went over the same area with a clean pad several times and the floor was still dirty.If such content includes photos, pictures, likenesses, or names of any.

If you submit content that contains images, photos, videos, music, lyrics, or pictures, created by other people, you agree you have obtained their.This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in all respects in accordance with the substantive laws of the State of Ohio without regard to its.

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My Swiffer never gets put away in the closet as I use it all the time.

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Finding and posting Swiffer coupons for the Swiffer wet Jet, Swiffer duster, and many other Swiffer products.Valid coupons for Swiffer Wet Jet Coupon Valid codes for Swiffer Wet Jet Coupon, Printable coupon codes for Swiffer Wet Jet Coupon couponscode.co.I had an opportunity to try the new Swiffer Wet Jet through Bzz Agent.I think this is one the best products I have used lately for home clean-ups.

Buy 32694: Swiffer Wet Jet Starter Kit at Amre Supply - Property Performance Centres with 13 locations across Canada.Owning a house with hardwood floors, and having (2) dogs, Swiffer is not a new name to my wife and I.

We tested this mop on tiles floor and results has been amazing.Swiffer Wet Jet Starter kit comes with one power mop, 5 mopping pads, 4 AA batteries and 1 bottle of Floor cleaner solution.

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Our Free Swiffer Coupons and Printables for November 2017 will save you and your family money.The swiffer dry sheet absorbed the mess while the wet jet helped to sterilize and freshen the spots.If you spray solution too much, then you will notice streak on floors, so it is important not to press the spray button too much, as small amount of spray can easily get the job done.

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After every meal, I have to sweep and mop and this system cut my time down big time.Even during the winter when there is a lot of film from snow and salt that mess the floor up so far it has worked.bi also have ceramic tile that it does wonders on.You also agree that you can immediately provide written copies of such.The cleaning solution is easily dispensed onto the floor with a button you simply push down on and emits a very pleasant scent.My Swiffer Wet Jet was the perfect tool for holiday cleaning.Results can vary depending on the floor, this review is only based on usage on tiles and not on hardwood floors.Have been using the Wet Jet through the holidays for quick spot cleaning.what a life saver.I use the Swiffer Wet Jet a few times a week now and my floor is shining brightly again.

This Agreement sets forth the entire agreement of the parties with respect to your Submission(s) and may not be changed except by an instrument in.One thing that always bothered me about my Swiffer (the old one) was that the bottle of floor cleaner is placed so low to the ground.I also like the variety of scents available for solution jug.

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One thing I am not a fan of is I feel I have to put a little more elbow power into the scrubbing because the scrub pads are dry.Swiffer offers dry and wet replacement pads for its sweepers and mops,.Please accept the User Generated Content Agreement and indicate you agree by checking the box.The Swiffer Wet Jet Starter Kit comes literally with everything you need to get started.

I was somewhat concerned at first because my hardwood flooring is rather light in color and I was afraid the pads might leave scratch marks.For rooms that sees more foot traffic or in homes where a pet may shed often, I would suggest sweeping that room first before using the Swiffer.I have used a similar product previously, and it cost a good deal more money to use.The Swiffer Wet Jet Starter kit comes with everything you need to start cleaning your floor.

Prior to using this Swiffer unit, I had been using a broom, mop or vacuum to clean these same areas.

It was advertised as being able to work and be gentle on virtually all types of finished floors and I was able to put it to the test quite often during this holiday season since the majority of the main floor living space has primarily hardwood flooring with partial linoleum in the entrance hallway and ceramic tile flooring in the bathrooms.I found it much more appealing and quicker to use than dragging out my mop and bucket.I like to use my own more natural cleaners, particularly simply vinegar and water.Before Wet cleaning you floors with Swiffer WET mop cloths,.But after reading the labels and testing a small area, it turned out that it was the easiest way to clean the floors.

Another issue I had was the the bottle refill leaked through the base of the mop where the pad is.You agree that you shall not upload any Submission that includes or references any one or more of the following.I rarely used my old Swiffer because the pads constantly came off.I find, as a result, that my hand gets a cramp when using the new Swiffer.Among other items, the agreement includes the following terms.Packaging is perfect, it also comes with 4 AA batteries which is plus.Having 2 kids, and a dog, I find myself constantly cleaning the floors.Because it cleans so well, it motivates us to keep the surface clean.

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Swiffer Wet Jet Starter Kit cleans better than a mop and bucket.I just swept up the debris and then went over the floors with the swiffer and it easily cleaned up dried wet messes.I was very impressed with its overall performance because it was like being able to sweep and mop at the same time thus saving on time.Please upgrade your browser or activate Google Chrome Frame to improve your experience.